The company's history goes back to 1893, when Albertus Jongeneel - the grandfather of the current director Robert Pennewaard - the basis for the current company made. He started the company in the form of a printing shop in the Oost Haven Gouda. After his marriage, his wife drove in the same building a store in smoking and office stuff.
Even then, the business developed well, so the Jongeneel family moved around 1906 to a larger building in the hoge Gouwe. The range was expanded, including items such as Gouda waffles, but especially Gouda pipes. In the crisis years that followed the enterprising family was 'broken'. The original company remained. Meanwhile, there was already fully switched to packaging and paper products.
In 1920 the building of the Hoge Gouwe was exchanged for a building at the Lange Groenendaal.
In 1989 we left the Groenendaal to continue the business at the Nieuwe Gouwe, we had outgrown our back soon.
In 2000 we moved into our new building at the Meridiaan where we can grow in abundance through the coming years.